Friday, February 5, 2016

Olson Family Word 2015 - Hustle

We have talked a lot about all the things that we both want to accomplish this year both as a couple and individually. I am so excited to see where we go this year. I know that we both have each other's back to motivate and encourage each other. 

We are hustling to pay off bills. We are determined to eliminate the debt in our life. And we are doing it on our own. It's a better feeling knowing that we on our own. We have had to sacrifice on somethings but our thought process is spend it now apart or spend it together later in life (or on a move.)

We are hustling to follow our paths. I have really been struggling with this in the past year. Things have been so focused on Gary and his career that I lost what brings me joy. So my focus is getting back to bring me joy, but I am so thankful Gary is so certain with what he wants to do. He has been a great rock lately in my life. 

We are hustling to save. We want to pay off bills, but we want to save. We have been talking about places we want to live next or in general and both decided warm, by water, and big city. We LOVED our time in Arizona, and would love to go back. We keep saying West Coast Best Coast. Honestly, I just want warm weather. I am not made for cold weather! We want to also save for a move or save just to start saving. 

When Gary was up for Christmas and New Years we talked about individual word of the year. Then I mentioned a family word and he didn't think much about it until I told him the word "hustle." And he loved it! 

Do you have family words? What are yours? 

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