Saturday, September 12, 2015

Currently My Life

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I am participating in Bailey's #BlogtemberChallenge. If you want to participate visit her blog here. My Currently.
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Reading... My Personal Training workbooks. My goal is to take the certification by the end of the year.
Playing... TuneIn Radio. Listening to the WV Power games.
Watching... Law & Order Episodes
Trying... to follow God plans for me in my life.
Cooking... Nothing. I'm at the sorority house all weekend.
Eating... Trail Mix. Trying to stay healthy in the midst of it all.
Drinking... Fountain Drinks, y'all. This will the hardest thing to kick. I'm down to 1 a day.
Calling... Gary for updates.
Texting... Gary again, for updates.
Pinning... Crafts and Fitness
Tweeting... The Influence Ladies gong to Conference. I am so excited!!
Going... To the Influence Conference next week!! I am counting down the days.
Loving... Time in Bible. Also Loving the Restless series with some baseball wives.
Hating... Halloween is right around the corner. (I hate Halloween)
Discovering... I have been using procrastination instead of intentional for way too long.
Thinking... I hope my husband gets his RING because I am tired of hearing about it.
Feeling... Nervous. Did I mention Influence is next week?
Hoping (for)... I don't eat dinner by myself at Influence.
Listening (to)... Podcasts. I am loving them. What are you listening too?
Celebrating... Me.
Smelling... Cashmere Glow from Bath and Body Works
Lara Casey Write the Word Journal. (More coming soon. So sad)
Thanking... Gary. He has been so awesome these past few weeks. I'm beyond thankful for him.
Considering... So many options for the future.
Starting... To really follow my own path and goals that were designed for my life.
Finishing... All the things I have been putting off.

What's on your currently list?
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