Thursday, September 10, 2015

10 Things off My Bucket List

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I am participating in Bailey's #BlogtemberChallenge. If you want to participate visit her blog here. Today's prompt is 10 items off your bucket list. You can see my 101 in 1001 days. Some of these aren't a priority anymore, and some I need to update. 

1. Go to an All-Star Game at every level. I don't want to see only the ASG but I want to experience all of the festivities along with it.

2. Memorize bible verses. I bet that I could do that already, but I want to be able to give advice to friends in form of bible verses. I recently watched a class with Jess Connolly from Naptime Diaries through The Influence Network and she was saying that when her sister and her gave advice through bible verses.

3. Be debt free. Right now we have been very lucky to have the most we have ever had in our savings. We could have done more if we didn't travel as much this summer, but honestly we needed to get out of West Virginia sometimes.

4. Gary brought this up on our way back from the Carolinas this weekend. I would love to have both sets of family come to our house for a holiday and we do all the cooking. My caveat would be that there would be no drama. So that's why it is on my bucket list we all come together for 1 day and no attitudes, no drama and just enjoy everyone.

5. Start my own business. I have a few ideas and few things are in the works. I just talk myself out of it before I even get started.

6. Go on a cruise. I want to go on a long warm cruise. Gary and I have talked about it but haven't really set in any plans. I want to go to Alaska as well. I have heard so many good things from family members who have gone, people that are from there, and other bloggers who have visited.

7. Go to Italy. Actually go to another country. Gary says that we will go at our 10 year wedding anniversary. It might push other things off the list of things to do but I can't wait.

8. Buy a house. We travel so much for his career. I am not complaining at all because I am grateful for all the experiences that we had together. Some of the places haven't been ideal, and I know in the future they probably won't be ideal, but the goal has been (and always will be) to get him to be a General Manager. It doesn't matter where it is at within reason, but this has put the house goal on hold for a while. I love decorating and can't wait to decorate our house.

9. Run a Marathon.

10. Do something that scares me.

What's on your bucket list?

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