Saturday, May 30, 2015

Welcome Back

 OMG! This morning has been a pretty typical Saturday, I wake up early and just hang out in the living. I finally wake Gary up to ensure that he doesn't sleep the day away. We catch up with E! weekend then Gary starts to play MLB Show 15 and I'm sitting on the couch reading blogs. Then I decided to check when the last time I showed up to this space. APRIL 13, 2015!! I can't believe that I had gone that long without blogging. 

I wish I could say so much has happened, but truthfully it hasn't. My day consists of working my full time job, then if we are in a homestand Tuesday, Thursday-Sunday I am there working, fixing baseball pants, or sleep. 

I started working a new job in March. I am now working in admissions. I LOVE it. I did admission work while I was living in Arizona, but this school does things completely different than previous school. I have also been bringing working home and studying some nights. Truthfully the month of May completely revolved around my job. It is what I did 24/7. (At least what it felt like) I am still trying to get in a routine of everything. Somedays are great, and some days are horrible. Not a whole lot in between. Honestly during the not so great days all I want to do is come and home go to bed. Which is normally want I do. 

The ballpark is awesome! We are winning more last year than this year. Last year I worked the merchandise stand on the 3rd base side. It was slow! (And that's an understatement!) That didn't last very long because they quickly figured out it was cheaper to not have it than to pay someone to sit there.  After that I would chill on the party deck. I love the party deck because it's all you can eat and drink. I would drink a lot. Which now leads to why I have a personal trainer that I meet with once a week. This year I work at a beer portable. More specifically the bottoms up portable on the 1st base side. 

I think sometimes I spent more time talking about how the beer pours into the cup than actually pouring beers. Basically the cup has a metal washer and magnetic at the bottom. I put the cup on the machine and the beer pours from the bottom to the top. Then when I pull the cup off the machine it seals the magnetic back to the washer. (I'm sure a blog post will come of it shortly.) 

My goal for June is to blog at least 3 days a week. June is going to be a tough month because the West Virginia Power have 18 home games plus a weekend of high school baseball. So I will be there A LOT!!! 

We don't have a whole lot planned this week. Just a lot of relaxing and maybe a little house cleaning. For only having 2 people and a dog living here this place looks horrible. In my defense usually get home and put things down, change into my pjs then bed. We have an intern living with us in June so the house needs to be somewhat presentable. 

What are you weekend plans?


  1. Glad to have you back in the blogging world!

  2. So glad to have you back! Boy, you've been busy! And I am intrigued by the beer pouring thing. That sounds really cool!

  3. thanks! I don't feel like I have been busy, but poor time management. I'm sure a post will be coming soon!

  4. Thanks! It felt so good to write this weekend!!

  5. Welcome back :) I've been slacking too...I only manage to show up like twice a month. My bad! Hopefully to get back into it this month too.

  6. I'm currently sitting in a rain delay at the ballpark. I managed to write out everything for this month. Hopefully I can stick with it.

  7. I am just getting back into the swing of things too, so I'm so glad you are back! Here's to a fantastic summer!

  8. thanks! I'm glad to be back. I made out my schedule yesterday at a ball game.


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