Monday, March 9, 2015

Encouragement over Nagging

Baseball season is right around the corner. So Gary will be living at the ballpark for the next 5-6 months. I'm so glad that he loves his job and in a career that he loves. If he didn't like it it would be make living in West Virginia tough. It's also not always easy for me. I would like to think that I handle it pretty well most of the time, but sometimes I do wish he had a regular job. I have been with Gary when he has had a job he hated and love. And I would prefer a job he loves. 

I am so grateful that he is such a family guy and always try to do what is best for me and Heisman. (Yes, Heisman our dog.) I know that he has a lot on his plate and I try to be as supportive as possible. 

1. Listen. I have worked in the sports industry as well so I know a little bit about his day to day. Sometimes I try to help with group ideas, themes, goals, etc. When he talks he just wants someone to listen to him and not try to fix the problems. I know that he tries to do with me from time and time and I tell him I just want to vent with no fixing the problems. 

2. Support. This may be obvious, but always be there. I try to be his #1 fan all the time. I'm so proud of everything that he has accomplished. I am there for him during the good times and the bad times. We say this all the time but we have to experience the bad to know how good the good really is. Gary's job is sales and sometimes the well is dry. It's important to let him know that I am still here to support him. It will come around.

3. Make decisions together. When we first started dating we were both working in the sports industry. Then we got engaged, and how to make some decisions. He had been working the in the industry longer than I have, and I had done other things outside of sports. So our goal has been to get him to be a General Manager. So we make decisions that lead to that goal. It's not always and has taken some crazy places but we make the best out of it together. 

4. Time Alone. I think that this is important in any relationship. We must spend time alone to be better together. Sometimes I just spend some time in the bedroom reading or journaling. 

How do you encourage and motivate your spouse? Or How do you like to motivated? 

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  1. What a great post. I too really believe that one must be able to be a couple & individuals. :)

    Mandie ~

  2. This is a great post! I obviously can't relate to the marriage aspect, but I'm working on being more of an encouragement to my friends and family as good practice for the future.

  3. Such a great list - I think we can all work on this! We actually went to a conference this past weekend all about communication!!!

  4. That's so awesome! What conference?

  5. Even if you aren't married you can be thinking of what kind of wife you want to be, and what kind of husband you are looking.

  6. Thank you!! I think this is great advice for any friendship and life in general.

  7. Love this post - and now following you. Its so important to encourage and motive your partner, and such an essential to a healthy future. One thing I really admire from my husband - is instead of just saying your beautiful, or I appreciate you - he tells me specifics, which makes it so much more genuine. Communication is everything!

  8. I'll make sure to follow you back. So glad that you found me. I love when they make it personal instead of just a blanket statement. I mean I'll take it but when there is something specific or a reminder it makes it so much better. I'll have to remember that too when I compliment him.


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