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T W O // Dream Job When I was Little and Now

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I have had several "dream" jobs since I was a child. When I was about 6 or 7 I wanted to be a cocktail waitress like my Aunt T. I thought it was the coolest job ever. That didn't pan out at all. The closest that I was ever in service industry was a hostess. 

Fast forward to high school. I was a nerdy kid and in the band. I was really good too, but not to toot my own horn or anything. I was always in the first band since 7th grade. I wanted to be in the Presidents Band. After my first semester in college, I decided to never play music again. I went to Henderson State University and majored in music. After the summer of my freshman year of school and first semester of college I started to hate music. Just a lot of stuff happened and turned me off. 

I moved to Iowa after that and started at community college. I wanted to gain instate residency, and I was also living with aunt. She had 2 rules if I was going to live with her rent free: Get a job and/or go to school and no boys allowed. I could deal with those rules. This is where I started my obsession with sports. I wanted to work for the SEC. Yeah, SouthEastern Conference. I wanted to be the first female commissioner. After graduating from the community college I went to Iowa State and majored in business. I continued to intern at various sports and entertainment places. I learned so much, and miss it too. 

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Then I met my husband at the end of my senior year. We were both working in the sports industry. He was in Kansas and I was in North Carolina. We have been fortunate that we have lived in places where I have been able to find a job in the industry as well. Now my dream job is to get my husband as a GENERAL MANAGER of a minor league baseball team. Before you think that I can't believe this girl giving up her life to accomplish his goals. It's not like that at all, we need to focus on him right now because if I wanted to be in the sports industry too it would be so hard to also be married. There are few markets that have multiple sports in the town. He is also very supportive of my blog and anything else that I want to accomplish. 

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What is your dream job?

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