Thursday, October 30, 2014

T H I R T Y // Facts About Me

Helene in Between Blogtober

I'm Jessa. (That's obvious!)

31 years old. Got married when I was 27 and wouldn't change a thing.

Was super stressed about turning 30 last year

Gary is my husband. Also the reason I move every 18 months.

I have the best dog ever, heisman barkley. (He just turned 3 on Sunday)

We have lived in Topeka, KS; OKC, OK; Phx, AZ. I was born in Iowa. Raised in Arkansas. 

Graduated from Iowa State with a degree in Marketing and Journalism. I was the first person on my moms side of the family to graduate college. 

I worked in the sports industry for 5 years. I miss it. I often sometimes still work from time to time. 

This is my 3rd blog. I started with Through the Storms (faith based). Then went to Life of a Sports Wife. Now The Jessa Olson Blog. 

I have grandma hobbies: I like to crochet and knit. 

What else do you want to do know about me? 

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  1. Moving every 18 months for your hubby pretty much makes you the best wife ever!! I told Ian that I'm done after he moved us up to northern Canada. next destination is my choice haha

  2. He says that we are going to be here 4 years, but i don't know if I can do it. We'll see, but there are times WV has it's benefits.

  3. i remember you on "Life of a Sports Wife" but I never knew you had a totally different blog before that!

  4. it was just a write and publish blog. more like a journal.

  5. Hey so I knew you moved a lot but is it exactly every 18 months? And why? I'm just curious.

  6. I almost lost it when I turned 30... just say you are 29-ish.. that's what I say.. ;) Now I'm 29-ish-ish. LOL!

  7. I like that. I might have to use it! Thanks for the tips.

  8. thanks! a little bit of fun facts about me.


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