Tuesday, October 14, 2014

F O U R T E E N // Funny Memory from Childhood

Helene in Between Blogtober

For the longest time I couldn't think of something for this prompt for #blogtober14. When Helene and Taylor first posted this I wrote them all down in my notebook, and would write them while I wasn't busy at work. YES you read that right. I wrote it on the paper then typed it out. Double the work, but when all I am doing is working this worked. 

I couldn't think of anything that I thought was funny until I got a text message from a relative it clicked. When I was growing up my mom, my aunt, and her niece went on a tour around Iowa. The niece and I wore matching outfits the whole time. 

I wish that I had the pictures to post, but I don't. I don't remember where we went but it was at least a 10 day trip. Each day was a matching outfit. As I'm typing this I am just laughing at myself. 

What is your funniest memory from childhood? 

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  1. My grandma use to make my cousin and I matching outfits too. I don't get why people think that's cute??

  2. Different era. If I ever do that just kidnap me until I change my ways.


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