Friday, August 29, 2014

What to watch this weekend

Today I have the wonderful and amazing Jamie on my blog. We have been blogging friends for a while, and I can't even remember how we "met." One of my favorite things about her is we could talk college football all day long. I'm hoping that one day we can actually meet in real life. So here she is. 

College football kicks off this weekend, and I have the five games you need to watch to get your fill (unless you intend on plopping yourself on the couch all day Saturday and flipping channels like I do). Also, keep in mind that a couple of these games are just a tiny bit bias based on my alma maters.

Thursday August 28
6pm: No 21. Texas A&M @ No. 9 South Carolina
Great game to start off the college football weekend on Thursday. Top 25 match-up with a new quarterback coming out at A&M post-Johnny Manziel entering the NFL. It's also the first game on the new SEC network (which I could care less about but I know a lot of people who do). I'm calling t this as an SC win, but only because A&M is starting fresh without Manziel.

Saturday August 30
12pm: Appalachian State @ Michigan
This is on the list for me because Michigan is my school (obviously). It's also probably on the list for the rest of the country because everyone is waiting for us to lose again. Why Dave Brandon would schedule this game is beyond me, because a win is neutral and a loss is the most negative thing that could exist. Either way, I know that more people than usual will be watching this Michigan opener.

3:30pm: West Virginia @ No. 2 Alabama
Obviously also a school-related pick. I would have liked to see Alabama play a ranked opponent during their season opener (note how I don't care that Michigan isn't playing one), but such is life. I'm ready for Saban & the boys to put on a good show Saturday.

5:30pm: No. 16 Clemson @ No. 12 Georgia
Your best ACC/SEC match up of the weekend. While I don't particularly care about either of these two teams, it's going to be a great Top 20 (and almost top 15) match-up. My money is on Georgia for this one; home field/first game advantage.

9pm: No. 14 Wisconsin @ No. 13 LSU
This is probably the game I'm most excited for. It's awesome to see a Big Ten team opening against an SEC team, especially when they're both ranked in the Top 15. The atmosphere of a night game + the energy of it being the first weekend of college football is going to make this game a must-see. I'm going with Wisco for the win, but not by much. The Mad Hatter (Les Miles) has some serious magic on his side.

As for me... I'll be in Indianapolis for a wedding, rocking my Michicure (Michigan manicure), and turning on the TV at every location I'm at (with the exception of the church, I suppose). College football is here, people. GO BLUE!
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