Friday, August 1, 2014

Meet the Olsons

In honor of The Florkens relaunch today I thought I would honor them with doing a recap or re-introduction of The Olsons. I rebranded my blog in June, but then fell off the face of the earth. I'm trying to get back on this blogging thing, but right now I struggle with motivation. 

The Jessa Olson blog

1. I'm Jessa. (I know that's obvious) I work at a local bank and a bank teller. Far from what I went to school for. I went to Iowa State and majored in Marketing and Journalism. 

2. My husband's name is Gary. He is the Manager of Group Sales for the West Virginia Power. (A single A affiliate for the Pirates.)

3. Short of our history: Met in October 2009. Started dating in February 2010. Engaged March 2010. Married 2011. And been together 3 years. (This married thing is not always the easiest thing.)

4. We have lived in 4 different states together: Kansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, and West Virginia. (you can say 5 if you count when we met. Iowa)

5. I have a pearl engagement ring, and honestly didn't notice until after I had the ring on. I love pearls and wear them all the time. (To anyone who works at jewelry store. Don't try to convince someone to get a diamond engagement ring. I get it all the time and I leave annoyed.)

The Jessa Olson blog

6. We have the best dog in the world. Heisman Barkley. Yes, after Heisman trophy and Matt Barkley the former QB at USC. (Fight On!!)

7. Yes. I have been married 3 years and NO we don't kids. By the way it's rude to ask! 

8. I am too organized for my own good. I currently have a Whitney English planner and 10 different pens for my color coded life. 

9. My favorite color is pink, and I would live in barbie's dream house if I could. (No shame.)

10. Gary's favorite color is blue. The house is decorated in different shades of blue. Gary would like to point that it brings out his blue eyes. (Whatever to make him feel good, right?)

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  1. I love your engagement ring!

  2. Jewelry is a very lovable thing and everyone like to wear it especially women. I also like to wear different kind of jewelry. I am always looking for new trends.

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  3. thanks! I do wear much jewelry, but love looking at it.


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