Thursday, June 5, 2014

My Life Currently

Reading: I'm actually reading a few different books. (Not at once) But tonight I'm reading The $100 Startup. I highly recommend this book. 

Writing: Besides this post because it's the obvious. I'm doing Ashley's (from Bright and Gutsy) 33 Questions to ask the heart. Some of them are cheesy but gets you thinking. 

Listening: Jess Lively. I have her podcasts always playing when I'm home alone. The guys don't like the podcasts as much as I do. By the way, What are some of your podcasts that you love? I'm always looking. 

Thinking: I thought "coming back" to blogging would be easy but I'm still struggling.

Smelling: Candles. Have them burning through the house. I have different scents in every room.

Wishing: I wasn't craving Taco Bell. 

Hoping: That the high school tournament game ends soon so I can get Taco Bell. Can you tell that I am hungry? I hate cooking to be honest, and when there is a home stand I suck!!

Wearing: Workout clothes. Just finished walking around the apartment.

Loving: Life. As cheesy as that sounds things are good right now. 

Wanting: Taco Bell Quesadilla with sour cream and Sprite

Needing: More hours in the day or not sleep as much. 

Feeling: Relaxed. I have been much more intentional with my time so that has helped with me being relaxed.

Clicking: Bloggers with etsy stores or any store for that fact. I love following them and getting ideas on how they promote their store. It gives me motivation on how I want my store to be. It's currently open, but going through a relaunch shortly. More details to come soon.

Making: DIY craft stuff. 

Cooking: Dinner. Decided on stuffed chicken. I'm going to cook 2 so let's how many I actually eat! 
Drinking: Water. I'm trying to give up my fountain drinks but it's hard.

Looking: For Heisman. It has been quiet lately. I bet he is up to no good.

Playing: Podcasts. 

Waiting: For my dinner to cook! I'm hungry!

Kinda of a long list, but it's been a while since I have blogged so you needed an update. I hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm so glad to be back to these blogging and there is more in store. Thank you for everyone sticking with me. I really appreciate all the emails checking up on me as well.

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  1. Giving up soda is hard, but once you do it's so easy to stick with it. The only soda I can even tolerate anymore is Sprite. Coke use to be my favorite thing ever, but now it's so sweet and it burns my throat.

    <3 Jackie

  2. I hear you about giving up soda ... I'm on my third round in the last year. Its getting easier although there are days when I crave a vanilla coke or need one for the extra caffeine to knock a bad headache (when Excedrin isn't kicking in soon enough) or when I make the mistake of eating something that's too spicy!

  3. I have been on a Taco Bell kick lately.

  4. We need to be accountablility partners on soda. It's so hard, and the hubs gives me too much grace and margin.

  5. thanks! I need to quit coke. I did it before adn it was fine.


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