Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Planner to be All Planners

I met Jessica from Kate and Trudy a while ago and we immediately hit it off. Why wouldn't we because we both has doxies and love to be crafty. Recently she opened up her etsy store, Kate and Trudy, that specializes in making YOUR life easier and much more organized

I thought I wanted 1 planner for everything in my life - Pearls N Stitches, blog life, and everything else that happens. After about a month that just wasn't the case. I needed a planner for just my blog. I looked everywhere & couldn't find one that I loved or one that was in my budget. Then Jessica made the ultimate planner. 

One of my favorite features is that is all electronic. So you can print what you need. Plus because she is a blogger herself, so she knows exactly what bloggers are need and look for in planner & staying organized. I am also not a big fan of planners that have lots of designs or artwork around the edges. I like to doodle & write on the edges of paper. So the fact that it she has blank edges is awesome. You can decorate it any way that you want. Plus I have a small addiction to pens so my planner usually ends up looking like a rainbow. 

Not only does she make enough space for us ladies who write big, but in the corner is a reminder on where to post. I love this because when I am sitting down on Sunday writing for the week (I know, it's been a while since that has happened) but I love checking things off my list. The brainstorm content is a great page because it helps to create a great post. 

The extras that she offers are amazing because it has everything from sponsors on your blog, to who you are sponsoring. I know that I am horrible at remembering who I am sponsoring this month (and I even have Passionfruit too) but I can make sure that I am getting everything I need from the sponsors as well. 

This planner is the whole package. I highly recommend it to anyone. I have a code for you to use. Visit her etsy store and check everything out. She is absolutely wonderful to work with and you will love this planner as much as I do. 

LSW15 (good for 15% off purchase of $15 or more thru 6/30)

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