Tuesday, December 10, 2013

#12 Days of Blogging: My Favorite Ornament

This post is part of the #12daysofblogging Christmas series being hosted by Amber from Mr. Thomas and Me and Erin from Hooley with a Z. For more information on #12daysofblogging check out this post.

Today is all about my favorite ornaments. This is a tricky one because yesterday you learned I ONLY have a 3 foot tree so the decorations are pretty simple. I have probably 15-20 ornaments on the tree, and they are mostly solid glittery colors. 

I don't know why but my trees have to have a theme, and not just lots of ornaments just thrown on there. I got a lot of comments yesterday on social media about my "angel" on top of the tree. 

The hubs wanted Sparky (ASU's mascot) to be on the top. We don't have a star or angel to put on the tree, but we do have a Sparky to be on top! I don't even remember where we got it but we do and it's on top of our tree. The husband doesn't ask for much so when he does I usually cave! 

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