Friday, December 13, 2013

#12 Days of Blogging: Holiday Treasure

This post is part of the #12daysofblogging Christmas series being hosted by Amber from Mr. Thomas and Me and Erin from Hooley with a Z. For more information on #12daysofblogging check out this post.

I knew immediately when I saw today what I would write about without a doubt. Two years ago we got Heisman as a Christmas present for each other. This has been a Christmas tradition with Gary and I that we get each other 1 big gift for both of us to use. 

Since I have know Gary he wanted to get a dachshund. I really didn't care what kind of dog but I wanted a dog too. I have always had a little dog and big huge dogs kinda scary. (I really don't know why either.)  

While I was searching facebook one day, a friend of a friend's mom had puppies for sale AND they were dachshund mix. So I immediately started facebook messaging that I wanted one! The only downfall is that they were just born so we had to wait a little longer before we could get one. I told her that I wanted the boy dog. It was the only boy of the mix. 

A few weeks passed and we were finally able to pick him up. I told her that we would stop by right after work to get him. We had to travel about 30 minutes to get him (he was well worth the drive). On the way we were deciding on names. I have always wanted a dog named Heisman. The hubs was alright with that. He said he wanted something after USC (his favorite team). I said what about Barkley. (Matt Barkley was the quarterback at the time.) He said that was fine. So that's how we got Heisman Barkley.

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