Wednesday, November 6, 2013

#thankfulproject: Day 5 - 7

Thankful project: a thanksgiving blog challenge

I'm doing the #thankfulproject with Chasing Happy. Want to participate or find out more detail go here.

I'm playing catch up on my #thankfulproject. Just a fair warning today's post is heavy. 

Day 5: Things that are on my heart
This is a LOADED question!  I have so much on my heart, which is why I havn't been bloggng as much. This weekend I was talking to Gary how different things were in college to recently graduated to now. When I was in college I was active in everything. When I graduated college I continued to stay active in service groups, Delta Zeta, etc. Gary was working crazy hours at work so I kept myself entertained with things as well. Please I LOVE giving back!! 

Slowly I have noticed how I am not wanting to be involved in the same things. For example, in OKC I couldn't wait to be involved in Junior League. I was signed up for everything. Now in Phoenix I'm just not that involved. I don't know what it is but I have thought about quitting more times than not. 

I feel like I am burnt out on things. People said when I was younger I would get this way but I never thought I actually would. I'm not sure what how to get it back. For right now I'm just doing things that I LOVE and are passionate about. 

Day 6: Failure
Wow!! This is a tough one for me because honestly I feel like I have failed a lot lately. I'm not where I thought I would be professionally or personally. I thought I would still be working in sports. That's all I would ever talk about in college is working for the SEC (Southeastern Conference) or being a General Manager for a minor league team. I wouldn't change what I have now but sometimes it's hard to do play the would've, could've, should've game. 

Personally I thought I would have married way sooner and much more financially stable. Growing up it wasn't until recently that I wanted to have kids. I always wanted the lifestyle of downtown living, nice car, etc. I'm so glad that I am married to Gary because he is the first guy that accepted me for ME. Not for who I knew in the sports industry or what I could do for them. 

Often we talk about how we thought our lives would be but if we didn't have these "failures" we wouldn't have met each other. So I guess it can't be that bad, just kidding. 

Day 7: Job
I am so thankful that I have job. It may not the be the job that I ever thought I would have, but it's a job! 
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