Wednesday, November 13, 2013

#thankful project: Day 13 + Blog with 2 swappers

Thankful project: a thanksgiving blog challenge

I'm doing the #thankfulproject with Chasing Happy. Want to participate or find out more detail go here.

Today is all about an ability that I am thankful. This is actually tough to come up with something. I asked Gary and what he said wasn't very nice! He said that I have ability of word vomit. Which is true!! Sometimes it just comes out and I don't have chance to think about it until I already said it. Sorry! I know that he was joking but it is half true as well. Gotta love him!! 

That is not the real ability that I am going to use. My real ability that I am thankful for is helping people. I LOVE helping people if I am able too. I love being there for my friends. 


I started blogging after a bad break up. The kind that leaves your head spinning and tears rolling down your face, all as you clean the refrigerator with his old t-shirt. {:because that's what normal, logical people do:} But, I am certainly grateful that it lead me to finding a hobby that I love. At My Life in High Heels you'll read about all the things I love from Jesus and coffee to fashion and sports.

I started blogging because there wasn't much else to do at Camp Lejeune. Also for the sheer fun of it and to have my own little piece of the interwebs, and I'm really glad I started. I genuinely enjoy blogging and "meeting" other bloggers.  I talk about anything that crosses my pretty little mind, from celebrities to daily life to fashion.  No rhyme or reason here!  I'm very southern and that comes through a lot in my blogging.  I believe every girl, southern or not, has a little Scarlett in them.  It's just a question of how much!
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