Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fall Update

Earlier this month I post this picture of things that I wanted to do this fall. I am considering fall from October 1-November 30th. 

Go to a Pumpkin Patch: We went to Schnepf Farms a few weeks ago. It was a blast. If you live in Arizona I highly recommend you going. It has everything from pig races, roller coasters, pumpkin patch, hayrides, etc.

Hayrides: We did this at Schnepf Farms along with the Pumpkin patch. It was so much fun. 

Football Games: Arizona State games count, right? I went to ASU vs. Colorado. We were going to get Buffalo burgers but it was a 20 minute wait. ASU kicked butt at this game and we ended up leaving at halftime.

Thankful List: working on now & will be done at the end of November. 

So far so good on the list!! 
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