Friday, September 20, 2013

My Favorite Fitness Apps

Yesterday I posted about some of my favorite apps, but today it's all about fitness. Gary and I recently joined a gym and have been going quite frequently. We are both really unhappy with our bodies. We are NOT talking 5-10 pounds, but like 20+. 

We have been married for about 2 and half years, and together for almost 4 years. We both know that we haven't ate the healthiest or workout like we should. This is all changing. 

I have been better about eating right and working these past few weeks. The one thing that I have changed is the amount of soda I consume. Here are some other apps that have helped me stay accountable.

1. My Fitness Pal: It's great because it tracks all the food and workouts. The best part too is that you can follow your friends and give them motivation. 

2. Gym Pact: Someone told me about this a few weeks ago. At first I was a little hesitant because they pay you if you work out, BUT you pay them if you don't work out. It's great though because you tell them how many days a week you are going to work, and the price you pay if you don't work out. 

3. I need music to workout, but I HATE listening to my iPhone. I end up skipping the songs or hating them later. This app lets you pick music that's within your mile minute. It totally pumps you up to work out. 

4. Pandora: I often use Pandora because you can choose your station. It gives you random songs that I've never hurt of and pushes me forward.

5. Tabata Timer: I do Tabata workouts in the morning to wake me up. It is amazing because you do 20 seconds on and 10 secs rest. I make my own workout depending on what I want to target.

6. Nike: I LOVE NIKE!! I am not much a brand whore except to NIKE!! Anything that they produce I am all about to be honest. My favorite is it tracks the runs and shows where you run, walk or jog. It is great for training for long distances. 

What are you favorite fitness apps? 
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  1. That's great you have some good apps to workout with and I think it's awesome you and your husband are doing this together! The app sounds like a good one, I've never heard of it. One of my favorites is Workout Trainer, you can pick your target area and amount of time!

  2. Love this list. Map My Run is another good one. Using a map you can create a route to find the distance and log your workouts to see your progress.

  3. I love GymPact! It definitely sucks when you have to pay, but I've cashed out over $50 since starting to use it at the beginning of summer!!

    I'm downloading right now - thanks for passing it along :)

  4. the nike training club workouts are LEGIT! yay for the gym. good luck :)

  5. I haven't used them as often as I would like.

  6. I love GymPact, but now it's kinda worthless to use because I work out at the ballpark.

  7. That is a good one. Thanks for sharing.


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