Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Favorite Craft Apps

If you haven't noticed I have been talking a lot about apps. I don't know why because I seriously have a problem with downloading apps. 

So I wrote about my favorite apps in general, my favorite fitness apps, and now it is all about my crafty apps. 

As many of you know I started an Etsy store called, Pearls N Stitches. So I love being crafty and finding motivation from everyone. 

1. Pinterest: I love getting inspiration from other people. To be honest, I love going to people who do the same thing as I do and what they are doing. I think there is a difference between copying and find inspiration. We might all do the same things but we knit or crochet different. Put together different colors. 

(Side Note: I love reading and saw how Taylor from Pink Heels Pink Truck was doing her book review. To be on the safe side I emailed her saying I love her layout, and would be doing something similar. She emailed me right back saying that was fine and appreciated me asking. It was that simple.)

2. Etsy: It is amazing what you can find on Etsy these days. I love looking at what is out there. 

3. Craftsy: Wanna learn how to make or do something? Craftsy is your answer. You can do so much ranging from knitting to sewing to cake decorating

4. Michaels/Joanns/Hobby Lobby: I love that coupons are at a touch of a finger. I like Joann's the most because they now take competitors coupons. 

What are you crafty favorite apps? 

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